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Special reminiscence at Blandford Grange

27th July 2020

Activities coordinator at Blandford Grange, Bridget Townsend, creating a special reminiscence session this week with resident Greta, on what would have been her husband’s 100th birthday.

Explains Bridget: “The 24th July would have been Greta’s husband’s 100th birthday. She has been remembering him more and more lately & staff discussed with her family how to commemorate his life and provide Greta with time and space to remember him properly and celebrate his life.

“The family sent videos, photographs, handwritten notes and even the invoice from their honeymoon hotel.  These documents provided Greta with prompts to remember moments from her life with Laddie & share her happy memories and the feelings of love and appreciation that she has been holding for so long.

“Greta loved seeing his handwriting for the first time in ages and staff read poetry that he had handwritten many moons ago.

“It was a lovely opportunity for us all here at Blandford Grange to hear her memories & reminisce over a cup of tea and a piece of cake and after an hour Greta was sated and expressed her overwhelming joy and gratitude at us helping her to keep his memory alive that little bit longer.

Sharing memories helps people feel connected, valued and better; this is particularly important during the restrictions and we are so grateful to the family for helping us to give Greta a happy experience.”

Thank you to Bridget and Greta’s family for enabling such a lovely experience.