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Pancake day was just flippin’ marvellous

19th February 2021

Pancake Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm across our family of Healthcare Homes.

As many will know, Shrove Tuesday marks the beginning of Lent when fasting would begin before Easter. Pancakes were a way of using up any eggs.

Whisking eggs certainly kept all of our in-house chefs busy as did preparing a  delicious array of toppings and fillings. But it didn’t just stop at pancakes – there was a whole host of other entertainments to keep the spirits lifted.

At Eastbourne’s Sovereign Lodge, residents took part in a themed word scramble and word search via the excellent ‘Oomph’ online application. This company specialises in creating engaging activities for care home residents and older people.

Then it was on to the pancakes as chefs Jo and Rose helped residents, including Susan and Heather with their pancake tossing. Staff members, Marilou, Eva and Tracy also joined in the flipping fun.

Pancake tossing requires great dexterity, a keen eye, steady hand and a strong wrist.

Next came the difficult choice of a topping – strawberries and cream, maple syrup, lemon and sugar or chocolate spread? Or perhaps a little of each?

The results were delicious and not one trace of pancake had to be scraped off the ceiling!

At Healthcare Homes, we are always looking for creative ideas and ways to stimulate the minds and bodies of our clientele. Birthdays, anniversaries, commemorative days and festivals provide an ideal opportunity to have some good, old fashioned fun and reminisce about happy times with friends and family.