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Home Meadow get moving to music!

20th September 2021

Home Meadow care home in Toft, Cambridgeshire have been busy boogieing via their music and movement classes, hosted by Paula Hain, Director of Mosaic Dance.

When Paula approached Home Meadow in 2015 with her music and movement program, the team of staff and residents at Home Meadow care home were eager to get involved. Since, Paula has built and nurtured relationships with the residents; understanding their individual care needs, their unique personalities and life stories, and designing her music and movement classes to improve the wellbeing of each and every resident. Noticing the potential benefits for all of their residents, Paula says “the team at Home Meadow were really proactive when working with me, and were keen to take on new, beneficial activity suggestions”.

Throughout her time working with Home Meadow, Paula has hosted seated exercise sessions, dance sessions and even intergenerational classes, prompting story telling through dance and encouraging an interactive, community feel in the home. Paula comments “Music can be of huge benefit to residents with Dementia and those living with Parkinson’s; it stimulates the residents’ memory, and can be quite relaxing and freeing.’ Paula also maintains that “movement has great physical benefits, improving flexibility, balance and coordination and even brain health!”. Paula says that during her time at Home Meadow, the team have been enthusiastic about the music and movement sessions, recognizing a noticeable difference in the residents; their memory recall, speech fluidity and sociability improves greatly during and after each session.

During the pandemic, Paula and the team at Home Meadow have been determined to continue their great work, and so sessions became virtual. Whilst the level of close interaction reduced, Paula and the care team went the extra mile to keep the sessions personal. Paula says “I made sure to include the residents’ favourite songs in each playlist, which allowed me to maintain that personal touch and would inevitably contribute to better memory recall”. Paula continues to host weekly classes with the residents and team at Home Meadow, and is looking forward to working closely with care teams to share the benefits of music and movement!

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