Covid-19 update

Our homes are open to new admissions provided they have no positive Covid cases. If you are looking for a place in one of our homes viewings are very welcome and just require an appointment to be made in advance and subject to some safety precautions. Our homecare and live-in services are all fully operational and accepting new clients.

Following the most recent changes in guidance, a generalised summary of our current visiting policy is set out below. Visiting is once again possible without an appointment on weekdays between 9am and 5pm. For all other times please contact the home to arrange a visit.

Visitors do not need to test before visiting but must not visit if they have any signs of Covid19, coughs, colds or flu-like symptoms, even if they have tested negative for Covid19.

Many of our relatives have indicated their willingness to continue to test voluntarily using their own kits. We are enormously grateful for this and would strongly urge others to do the same in the interests of the safety of all our residents, staff and visitors.

Visitors will be required to wear masks at all times, record their temperature on arrival and confirm they are well. Visitors who are providing personal care must wear appropriate PPE and have a negative result from an LFD test. We will provide these tests.

Whilst weekday, daytime visits no longer need to be arranged in advance, when more than one person is visiting or the visit is to be in a communal area, the manager should be consulted so that visitor numbers can be managed and risks mitigated.

Outbreaks remain a risk and could lead to extended periods of closure. Residents can have one regular visitor come into the home during an outbreak. At such times, visitors will be required to have a negative result from an LFD test and wear the same PPE as staff.

We will continue to provide window visits and Pod visits during an outbreak. End of life and compassionate visits will always be supported.

Residents are no longer required to isolate after a high risk visit outside the home and are not required to take a test after a visit outside the home.