Healthcare Homes - Barking Hall Infocus Newsletter Issue 5

Barking Hall continues to offer exemplary service to our amazingly resilient residents despite the heart rending visiting restrictions imposed by the risk of Covid 19. Our simply wonderful activities team Karen and Abbe ably assisted by Belle have worked tirelessly to provide interesting and engaging activities to amuse and keep our residents busy. They have unfailingly enabled relatives to access their family members via iPad, telephone, mobile and now our truly wonderful Visitors POD. During the summer months as we were unable to make our yearly pilgrimage to ‘The Hut’ at Felixstowe, the team brought the beach to Barking Hall. Elvis has sung to us from the centre of the courtyard and his music still manages to bring a blush to the cheeks of many a lady. Country and Western music has battled wind, rain and umbrellas to filter in through the windows of the first floor to bring enjoyment to many on less clement days. I am sure you would join me in taking your hat off to the tireless and important work behind the scenes provided by the dedicated nursing and care teams, our housekeeping team and of course the kitchen and maintenance team. Not forgetting our ever smiling administrator whose friendly tones answer many telephone calls. Regardless of fears for their own families in these unprecedented times the Barking Hall community as always pulls together to ensure our residents are at the forefront of everything we do. As a Home Manager I could not ask for a better team, the sense of community is second to none. The dedication to the home unwavering.  HealthcareHomes Inside this issue... Barking Hall Autumn/Winter 2020 Issue 5 S. Oates Sue Oates Home Manager Welcome from Home Manager, Sue Oates p2 p3 p3