Healthcare Homes - Barking Hall Infocus Newsletter Issue 5

Autumn/Winter 2020 2 East Anglian Daily Times It was lovely to see the East Anglian Daily Times covering our wonderful news when we celebrated ‘Barking Hall Week’ recently. Please follow the link: needham-market-nursing-home-thanks-for-carers-1- 6721867?fbclid=IwAR352gmxWidghwP1N5PpN3dQ oQf6xL7VJc65-ts0hE0J_34gfhdxpMXC4sw Our wonderful new visiting pod is now complete and being enjoyed by residents and their loved ones. New Visiting Pod All at Ipswich Speedway sent their best wishes on his birthday. Thank you Ipswich Witches Speedway! He is a huge fan! Ipswich Witches Speedway! It’s such a treat for everyone enjoying this space to admire the view on their way to and from the pod; wonderfully positioned. This innovative structure is making such a difference for all with its perspex divider screen, intercom and separate entrances to both keep everyone safe and spirits up. How lovely for one of our residents to receive a framed photo from the Ipswich Witches.