HHG - The Manor House InFocus - Issue 3

Whilst sitting at my desk trying to think of how I can start this introduction to our 3rd newsletter the only word I can think of starting with is to say wow!! What a difficult few months we have all had. I would never have thought I would be talking about lockdown, Covid 19, swabbing, facemasks, social distancing and much more. But here we are, in the Summer months, living a life none of us could have predicted. We have all had to adapt to the previously mentioned changes to our daily life, but we are doing it and we continue to learn along the way. Our priority remains to keep our residents safe, well and happy. They have had to get used to seeing all the staff wear facemasks, not seeing our smiles is a huge difference for them. Having to social distance from each other is also something, some, feel terribly upset about. We reassure them all the time that we are doing all of this to keep them safe. The team at The Manor House have been amazing, they continue to make me immensely proud of everything they achieve in such horrible times, as well as keeping their loved ones safe at their own home. Many of us have all had ‘dark’ moments, including myself, but together as a team we have come through it and continue to support each other. I will continue to send out weekly newsletters and let you know if there are any changes to our procedures in visiting, more of this on page 6. Thank you, Paula. Welcome from Home Manager, Paula Pawsey healthcarehomes.co.uk  HealthcareHomes Inside this issue... P.Pawsey Paula Pawsey Home Manager The Manor House Summer 2020 Issue 3 p2 p4 p5