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Haughgate House

Haugh Lane, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1JG

Originally built in the 1920’s as a family home for the local Cobbold family, the warm and friendly home is steeped in history.

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01206 646646

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01394 386249

Centrally located

Haughgate House provides residential, dementia and nursing care to residents within the local community. The home is situated in the heart of Woodbridge which has a close community. The home is very welcoming and has a family atmosphere.

Service facilities

  • En-suite bedrooms
  • Gardens
  • Minibus
  • Wifi throughout home
  • Reminiscence area
  • Wheelchair access
  • Lift
  • Central location
  • Chair lift
  • Garden visiting pod
  • Specialist equipment available
  • Dietary requests met

Care services

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    Residential Care
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    Nursing Care
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    Respite Care
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    Dementia Care
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    Palliative Care
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    Specialist Care

More info

About Haughgate House

Haughgate House is located in the local market town of Woodbridge in Suffolk. The property was converted into a nursing home in the 1980s and has recently undergone a major refurbishment to provide a range of new facilities in keeping with the 1920s home. Alongside the 12-bedroom extension, there is a kitchen, two new communal day rooms and comfortable lounges with garden views to be enjoyed by residents.

The home is set in a peaceful and tranquil setting with lovely grounds to enjoy. It has a great reputation in the local area for delivering high quality nursing care. The staff work very hard and well together and the staff and residents have good, trusting relationships. Visitors, professionals and family’s needs are always met.

Activities and entertainment

Daily activities and entertainment are a core part of our quality care at Haughgate House. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse, enriching range of weekly activities and entertainment allowing residents to continue to relish in their favourite hobbies and pastimes or to try out something new entirely.

We involve residents in the planning of our weekly activities timetables and offer one-to-one bespoke and tailored opportunities as requested. We’re also passionate about keeping our homes and residents at the heart of the local community, working closely with community groups, schools and other community connections to keep residents involved in local activities.

Some of our regular activities include:

  • Sing-a-longs
  • Karaoke
  • Massages
  • Manicures
  • Coffee mornings
  • Bingo
  • Friday quizzes
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Baking
  • Ladies & Gentlemen’s clubs
  • Group activities
  • One-to-one sessions

Dining is an essential part of the care package we provide to our residents, not only from a general health and wellbeing perspective, but we believe residents should be able to enjoy eating what they want, when they want.

There is plenty of choice offered with all meals. Hot meals are available for lunch and dinner everyday. And cooked breakfasts at weekends. There is a four-weekly rolling menu in the home and this is changed often. Resident meetings take place so that residents can have regular input and requests can be taken.

Our chef fully assesses all dietary needs, including likes and dislikes, allergies. special diets, through to preferred portion sizes and mealtimes. Our catering team prides itself on producing food of the highest quality, using local suppliers to create fresh, homemade dishes each day.


The home is located in the heart of Woodbridge, a beautiful, historic town with the iconic Tide Mill on the quayside and peaceful views across the harbour, gaze out as the sun rises out to sea in the mornings. With shops, cafes, pubs and places of entertainment such as the Riverside Cinema, there is always something to do to occupy visitors.

Health and wellness

The health and wellness of our residents is very important and we work closely in partnership with local health and wellness professionals to ensure every resident is able to lead a full and enriched life. We welcome visiting professionals such as GPs, chiropodists, opticians and can arrange visits to other professionals if and when it may be required.


Our visiting pod in the garden, with its two entrance points, protective Perspex screens, intercom system and a nurse call button, allows us to safely facilitate visits from friends and relatives when our infection control procedures prevent us from welcoming visitors into the home itself.

Our accommodation

Arranged over two floors, our 42 bedrooms can be personalised to make them a real home-from-home, and residents are able to enjoy a selection of lounges, dining rooms and well-kept gardens for relaxing, socialising and entertaining.

All of our bedrooms are provided ready-furnished with the essentials for instant comfort, and we happily encourage our residents to bring their own treasured furnishings and belongings if they would like to do so. In addition, we have three double bedrooms available for couples if required.

Amongst our range of well-equipped areas and facilities, there’s always space for quiet contemplation, or for enjoying the company of kindred spirits, and for relishing in interests and pursuits.

Our beautiful gardens, bordered by flower beds, offer an al fresco setting to enjoy anything from exercise to taking tea.

Advice & support
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      Terms and Conditions

      If you will be funding your stay privately, please click here to view our Resident Contract of Admission for Self-Funders.

      If a Local Authority may be funding your stay, please click here to view our Resident Terms and Conditions for a Local Authority Funded Stay.

      Your Local Authority might locate/suggest a care home that is/your Local Authority believes is suitable to meet your care and support needs, that is of a lower cost than our required weekly fee. In this circumstance the Local Authority is unlikely to agree to fully fund your stay if you choose to select our care home instead of the less expensive establishment it has sourced for/suggested to you. In this event, private ‘top-up’ payments will be necessary in order to address the shortfall between our weekly fee and the weekly fee funding available from/offered by your Local Authority.

      An additional top-up payment will almost certainly be required if you select, or we only have available, a non-standard room in the care home and your Local Authority is only prepared to pay for a standard room. If you select, or we only have available, a non-standard room in the care home, the additional cost for that non-standard room will have to be met by top-up payments.

      Owing to the fact that your financial means will have been assessed by your Local Authority, it is very likely that the Local Authority will require private top-up payments to be made by a third party from their own funds. Although the Guidance to the Care Act 2014 states that a Local Authority ought itself collect top-up payments, some require us to collect such payments on their behalf. Should the Local Authority require us to collect top-up payments, we would issue the third party who is to fund the top-up with a contractual agreement for their review and signature.

      If a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) may be funding your stay, please click here to view our Resident Terms and Conditions for a CCG Funded Stay.