Foxgrove and Maynell House receive generous donation

Residents at Foxgrove and Maynell House care homes in Woodbridge, Suffolk, are thrilled with their latest addition to their communal space. In a touching display of community support, The Suffolk Rickshaw Company has generously donated a record player. The vinyl player is for the enjoyment of all residents.


resident Mavis holding a Tom Jones vinyl

Mavis stands out for her particular fondness for the timeless tunes of Jim Reeves and Tom Jones.


Foxgrove and Maynell House’s melodic donation


Situated amidst the charming town of Woodbridge, Foxgrove and Maynell Care Homes have long been integral parts of the local community. They provide compassionate care and fostering a warm, supportive environment for their residents. The recent donation from The Suffolk Rickshaw Company further strengthens the bond between the care homes and the community surrounding them.

One of the most cherished pastimes for the residents of Foxgrove and Maynell House is listening to vinyl records. With the new record player, residents can now indulge in their love for music more intimately. Doing so creates moments of joy and connection that are truly priceless.


Musical memories


Among the residents, Mavis stands out for her particular fondness for the timeless tunes of Jim Reeves and Tom Jones. Her eyes light up whenever their discography is played. Listening evokes cherished memories and brightening her days.

“We are so grateful to The Suffolk Rickshaw Company for their thoughtful donation,” says Leanne Greeves, Manager of Foxgrove and Maynell House. “The record player has brought great joy to our residents. It has allowed them to relive precious memories and create new ones together.”

The residents and staff of Foxgrove and Maynell House extend their heartfelt appreciation. Not only to The Suffolk Rickshaw Company, but the entire Woodbridge community too, for their continued support. They welcome further donations of old vinyl records, ensuring that every resident can enjoy their favourite tunes and continue to feel connected to the music they love.


About Foxgrove, Maynell House, and Healthcare Homes


Foxgrove and Maynell House are both part of the Healthcare Homes group. They are committed to providing exceptional residential and respite care services. Foxgrove and Maynell strive to create srong bonds with their local community. This has led to such a wonderful donation from The Suffolk Rickshaw Company.

Healthcare Homes Group is the parent company of Albany care home. Additionally, it is a respected name in the care home industry. With a portfolio of 48 care homes as well as domiciliary and Live-in care services. Healthcare Homes consistently ranks among the top care home providers.

For further details on our care homeshome carelive-in carespecialist care, or recruitment opportunities, please visit our main website or reach out to our helpful advisors at 01206 646646.

For more information on how to support Foxgrove and Maynell House care homes, or to arrange a visit, please contact the home directly at 01394 272731.

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